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VAQUITA NEWS & UPDATES  | March 16th, 2018

VIVA Vaquita would like to announce that we will be participating in a special screening of the short documentary Souls of the Vermilion Sea, followed by a panel discussion on Sunday, March 25th, from 3-5 PM PST.  Co-hosted by ASU’s Center for Biodiversity Outcomes (CBO) and several local organizations, this event will be held on the campus of Arizona State University, and will be live-streamed for a global audience.  We hope you will join the conversation with a distinguished panel of experts, who will discuss this compelling conservation challenge.  In light of recent vaquita CPR efforts in the Gulf of California, it is a timely and important opportunity to query experts on the status of current recovery efforts.


The short documentary will be available for viewing for the duration of the event at the following link, which currently directs visitors to the event announcement. On the day of the event, the link will connect to CBO’s YouTube channel, where the 30-minute documentary will be available for viewing, as well as the actual live-streamed discussion.  Viewers will be able to post questions for the panel through this platform:







Photos taken under permit (Oficio No. DR/488/08 from the Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturale Protegidas (CONANP/Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT), within a natural protected area subject to special management and decreed as such by the Mexican Government. This work was made possible thanks to the collaboration and support of the Coordinador de Investigación y Conservación de Mamíferos Marinos at the Instituto Nacional de Ecología (INE).

Advertisement for Souls of the Vermilion Sea panel discussion March 25th, 2018
Advertisement for Souls of the Vermilion Sea panel discussion March 25th, 2018